Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wanna Scramble?

When you mention "Calf Scramble" to Texas residents, most know what you are talking about. For those of you that may not.....let me take the time to introduce this stock show concept. All of the major stock shows feature the calf scramble event during their rodeos. We are most familiar with the Ft Worth this was our third year to participate.

Each rodeo performance 16 different high school students (8th grade - Juniors) will attempt to catch one of eight calves turned loose in the arena. They must catch the calf, halter it and pull it into the marked area in the middle of the arena. For their efforts, FFA and 4-H members are awarded a $500 certificate (sponsored by various individuals and businesses) for use in purchasing a heifer. The heifer must then return the following year and be shown at the historic Ft Worth Stock Show Junior Heifer Show. Through the year, students are encouraged to file monthly reports with their sponsor about the heifer project culminating with a final year end paper. The Calf Scramble Committee then considers all of the reports in conjunction with how well the heifer does in the show to award scholarships to the participants. This year Ft Worth will give approximately $133,000 in scholarships. Yesterday afternoon, Tucker Brown......participated and caught for the third year in a row. Thank you to the Ft Worth Stock Show, Calf Scramble Committee, Mrs Bairds, Justin Boots, and the many generous donors for making this great event possible for the young people in agriculture across our state.

Also thanks to good friend, Marcus Hill, for capturing the moment on his phone!

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