Monday, January 17, 2011

It's Show Time - 2011

Annually our Throckmorton County Stock Show is held the first weekend in January, which certainly was no different this year. What was different was the fact that I actually had the opportunity to attend for the first time in 9 years. Given that our oldest son has been showing since he was 8 (and he's now (gulp) 17), that seems a little strange, don't ya' think? Let me digress a little. For the previous nine years, I have been involved in the leadership of the Red Angus Association. Consequently and coincidentally, the county show and the Red Angus weekend at the National Western Stock Show always fell at the same time. Given my retirement from the presidency of the RAAA this past September, one thing I have looked forward to the most was being able to "help" my boys at the county show. Yes, Donnell has been present for all these years. However, as general superintendent of the county show he is not too available......our boys  had to do a lot of the show day work themselves. So at was present and accounted for. And, even though I spent most of the day helping prepare the beauty was a cherished moment of time.

The weeks leading up to "stock show season" often include many hours of work. Halter breaking, washing, clipping (their hair), rinsing, and more clipping. Somehow as the years have gone by, it has become more difficult to carve the necessary time into the day to make sure we're adequately prepared. Junior High and High School activities keep us hopping with boys that enjoy all of it. So, the morning of county, is somewhat surreal as you stand back to not only see what the outcome is with the animals but also an opportunity to witness firsthand what the outcome (life lessons) will be for their owners, my sons. Stay tuned through the next couple months as we venture off into the "majors" and I'll try to keep you updated. As a cattle breeder, I'm very pleased with the Red Angus heifers that we'll be showcasing this year. They truly represent the attributes we are very proud of for the breed and industry. As a mother, I am even more proud of what my boys are becoming through them. Hats off to all of the tireless volunteers who work hard to make the day a special one for youth in agriculture! And a special thanks to Steve Sikes (Amsco Steel) for purchasing these heifers in the premium sale.

Lanham with "Nellie" (aka Calf Champion)

The Grand Drive
The Grand Champion - Tucker Brown
Showmanship Brothers
The Beef Showmanship Winner - Lanham Brown

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