Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Throckmorton Football

Yes, I do realize this is our ranch blog.....but as I understand it, I have the liberty to write about whatever is happening right? Well, whatever is HAPPENING. The T-Rock Greyhounds are in the STATE SEMI-FINALS in football and we can hardly think about anything else. It's consuming.....it's maddening.....it's memorable....it's, well, you get the picture. Tucker Brown and the other Hounds are on a collision course headed to the State Championship!!!!!! Currently at 13 - 0 with an upcoming showdown with the Aquilla Cougars. So, if you're looking for something to do, (and don't have tickets for the Big 12 Championship), join us in Hico, TX this Saturday evening.....tailgate from 5-6:30pm and kickoff at 7:00pm. If for some reason you can't.....listen live via the internet at www.kvrp.com

I'm certain it will be worth your time!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Opening Day of Deer Season

Yes - it's THAT season again. That season where testosterone takes over and everyone scrambles around to find their camo. Whitetail Deer is the hunted but why take a trophy on the first day? Or even the first morning? Better to just spend some time with your buddy and check out all of the scenery. Lanham Brown and Casey Mitchell brought back this smelly piggy today. Nothing like a few smiles and a lot of fun on the opening morning.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2010 Sale Report

Press Release

R.A. Brown Ranch
36th Annual Bull, Female and Quarter Horse Sale
Throckmorton, TX
October 13th, 2010

The 36th Annual R.A. Brown Ranch Sale was indeed an event to behold. A record crowd
was on hand for the best sale the Brown Family has ever hosted. Buyers were very
complimentary of the cattle including first time buyer Dale Moore from Gage, OK.
The buyers also included long time customers of the Browns like Bob Samuel of Madisonville,
TX who has purchased bulls in all 36 sales and Al
Wright from DeQueen, AR in the last 35 sales.

The quality was impressive throughout, and there were bulls selling in everyone's price
range with 79 bulls going from the $1500 - $2750 range.  

A highlight of the day was a fundraiser for the West Texas Rehab Center where the
Brown Family donated all the proceeds from the sale of their Quarter Horse Stallion,
Blue Hancock Eddie. Chris Scharbauer from Amarillo, TX purchased the stallion for 
$10,000. Scharbauer also bought 8 Angus bulls including 2 of the high selling lots.

Silver Spur Ranch was the volume buyer of the day with 32 head including the high
selling Red Angus bull. Safari Cattle Co. was the volume female buyer with 20 head.
Donald Paddack was another volume buyer who has now purchased 100 bulls through
the Brown's satisfaction guaranteed "Sight Unseen" buying service. Other volume buyers
included R.E. Samuel, Scaling V Ranch, Balderas Ranch, Sansom Cattle Co and
Kimberlin Ranch.

Angus, Red Angus, SimAngus & Hotlander cattle were sold to 172 buyers from 16 states,
Mexico and Brazil.

118 Angus Bulls Averaged: $4325
24 Black Red Angus Bulls Averaged: $3700
190 Red Angus Bulls Averaged: $3680
78 SimAngus Bulls Averaged: $3390
24 Angus Herd Bull Prospects Averaged: $6040
43 Red Angus Herd Bull Prospects Averaged: $6025
88 Red Angus Females Averaged: $3050
21 Quarter Horse Weanlings Averaged: $800

79 Head of Bulls sold from $1500 - $2750
136 Head of Bulls sold from $3000 - $3750
163 Head of Bulls sold from $4000- $4750
96 Head of Bulls sold from $5000 & up

Sale Highlights:

Angus Bulls

Lot 1: RAB KICK OFF 248W, a Final Answer out of a Redirect, sold to Roger Sosa, Alta Brazil 
for $20,000.

Lot 3: RAB PREDESTINED 4236W, a Predestined out of a Retail Product, sold to Chris 
Scharbauer, Amarillo, TX for $8000.

Lot 8: RAB-GAR IN FOCUS 4220W, a Mytty In Focus out of a Retail Product, sold to Chris 
Scharbauer, Amarillo, TX for $8000.

Lot 22: RAB-GAR 5050 4188W, a GAR New Design 5050 out of a Foresight, sold to Bart 
Davidson, Cisco, TX for $8000.

Lot 35: RAB PREDESTINED 4251W, a Predestined out of a New Level, sold to Dr. Lyn Esse, 
Whitsett TX for $8000.

Red Angus Bulls

Lot 205: BROWN ENDORSEMENT W7671, a Pacific Pride out of a Lancer F442, sold to
Accelerated Genetics, Silver Spur Ranches and Jeffries Cattle Co. for $11,000.

Lot 213: BROWN MISSION STMT W7614, a Mission Statement out of a Cherokee Canyon, sold to Raymond Pritchard, 
Mountain View, OK for $10,000.

Lot 207: BROWN JULIAN W6168, a Julian B571 out of a Lancer 806, sold to Broseco Ranches, Omaha, TX for $9000.

Lot 208: BROWN JULIAN W6169, a Julian B571 out of a Lancer 806, sold to Kimberlin Ranch, Dallas, TX. For $8500.

Lot 244: BROWN-CH CELEBRATION W942, a Celebration out of a Cheyenne, sold to Burrus Ranch, Higgins, TX for $8500.

SimAngus Bulls

Lot 470: DDR-RAB OBJECTIVE W8030, an Objective out of a Gambler, sold to R.E. Samuel, Madisonville, TX for $5750.

Lot 473: RAB 3252S W9854, a Predestined 3252S out of Big Country, sold to Dustin Parsons (EZ Ranch), Albany, TX for $5500.

Lot 489: RAB FINAL ANSWER W2081, a Final Answer out of a Blue Moon, sold to Bill Houck, Berryville, VA for $5250.

Red Angus Females

Lot 571: BROWN MS L806 S7533, a Lancer 806 out of a Cherokee Canyon, sold to Wabash Valley Cattle Co, 
Santa Clause, IN for $11,000.

Lot 605: BROWN MS P707 X7581, a Nebula P707 out of a Mission Statement, sold to Carson Ballinger, Morgan Mill, TX for $6500.

Lot 573: BROWN MS L806 S7581, a Lancer 806 out of a Cherokee Canyon, sold to John Graves, Perryton, TX for $5500.