Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Throckmorton Football

Yes, I do realize this is our ranch blog.....but as I understand it, I have the liberty to write about whatever is happening right? Well, whatever is HAPPENING. The T-Rock Greyhounds are in the STATE SEMI-FINALS in football and we can hardly think about anything else. It's consuming.....it's maddening.....it's memorable....it's, well, you get the picture. Tucker Brown and the other Hounds are on a collision course headed to the State Championship!!!!!! Currently at 13 - 0 with an upcoming showdown with the Aquilla Cougars. So, if you're looking for something to do, (and don't have tickets for the Big 12 Championship), join us in Hico, TX this Saturday evening.....tailgate from 5-6:30pm and kickoff at 7:00pm. If for some reason you can't.....listen live via the internet at www.kvrp.com

I'm certain it will be worth your time!

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